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Ed K. Avatar
I had three procedures on my gums at Portland Periodontics in the span of about two and a half years. The procedures were efficiently done with as little pain and discomfort as is possible under the circumstance. After each procedure I healed quickly by following their after-care instructions. Dr. Goldwyn and his staff do great work.
Ed K. 8/24/2022
Tracey W. Avatar
When I heard I needed a third implant, I could not have been happier to return to Dr. Goldwyn. I appreciate the way he and his whole staff are straight-forward, efficient, and available for any questions. Dr. Goldwyn is clear with his directions when he's working on my teeth and I really like that. He has done all three of my implants. I love them. and really appreciate him. Thank you to Patsy and Evan, the office staff I worked with. I highly recommend Dr. David Goldwyn for any of your periodontal needs.
Tracey W. 8/24/2021
Leo G. Avatar
He is the best ! The extraction and the bone graft went super smooth and easier recovery with the graft than otherwise would have occurred I have had numerous extractions with other dental providers over the years ( 4 wisdom teeth 4 too many regular teeth when i needed braces and a couple implants so I speak with knowledge). His Staff is super helpful Patsy and Evan are as good as there can be. My usual fear of dentistry is reduced. Thank you Dr Warmflash for the referral!
Leo G. 8/24/2020
Madeleine S. Avatar
I can't really express how happy I am with my results, but I will try my best. Dr. Goldwyn is both a periodontal expert and a true artist who loves what he does, and it shows in his work, his bedside manner, and the friendly professionalism of the entire office. He explained everything very clearly, and his wonderful front office staff also made sure everything was comfortable and that all instructions were understood. Portland Periodontics literally put the smile on my face!
Madeleine S. 8/24/2019
Patrice C. Avatar
I am very appreciative to Dr David Goldwyn and his kind and helpful staff at Portland Periodontics! I was horrified when my front capped tooth broke off! Dr Goldwyn arranged to have me come in the next morning for X-rays and evaluation and he took (lots of) time with me and explained all my options and his recommendation for an implant. We proceeded that very day and I left with a beautiful temporary implant. The procedure took time and I was very comfortable with local anesthesia. I can honestly say pain was my worry and Dr Goldwyn was so amazing... I never felt pain at all throughout the procedure! Evan, Dr Goldwyn's assistant, was knowledgeable and looked after me during the procedure and after. Patsy, spent time explaining the costs of the care plan Dr Goldwyn created for me. There has been minimal discomfort during the following week. A terrific experience with everyone in this immaculate and happy office. I could not be more satisfied with the quality of care I have received. I also am very grateful for Dr Goldwyn’s kindness, expertise, and responsiveness to my immediste dental need. THANK YOU Portland Periodontics! Patrice Cameron Portland, Oregon
Patrice C. 8/24/2018
John G. Avatar
From my very first contact... I’ve been very impressed and happy w/ this office, this dentist and w/ all of the people there. THANX!
John G. 8/24/2018
“I have been visiting the Portland Periodontics Office for eight years and will continue. The service has always been kind, friendly and professionally outstanding. Even though I have a regular dentist, this office is my choice for teeth cleaning. Corinne’s impeccable cleanings have done wonders for me.”
Fretta C., 2/24/2018
Customer S. Avatar
At 17 I got an elbow to the face knocking out my top front tooth. I am now 34 years old and finally decided that I needed to get a dental implant. I spent all those years after a failed root canal getting a splint every year. After much research and consultations with numerous doctors, I decided to have Dr. Goldwyn perform the procedure. The procedure Dr. Goldwyn proposed was years more advanced, cosmetically more appealing, and more economical than a general dentist and other specialists I have encountered. Since the procedure, (I was scheduled within 3 days) I have been wearing a temporary crown for six months and looks like the real thing. You would never notice. Not a single problem. I smile more and my confidence is up. I also quit smoking thanks to this procedure because I couldn't suck on a straw or smoke a ciggarette afterwards. I am due for my permanent now and cannot wait to bite into an apple. I am more than happy to share before and after photos with anyone who is interested. I highly recommend Dr. Goldwyn for a dental implant or any cosmetic dental procedure. Thank you so much Dr. Goldwyn for taking care of me!
Customer S. 8/24/2016
Jeffrey H. Avatar
I recently switched my insurance and as a result had to find a new dentist. My brother in law recommended Dr. Goldwyn, so I decided to give him and the Portland Periodontics a try. The staff and Dr. Goldwyn went above and beyond what I expected. The oral hygienists were easy to talk to, caring and very knowledgeable on all the questions I had while waiting for my root canal. During the surgery, both Dr. Goldwyn and his assistant made sure I was comfortable, showing real concern about how I was doing. I’ve since thanked my brother in law for his recommendation and made an appointment for a checkup with Dr. Goldwyn and Portland Periodontics in January.
Jeffrey H. 8/24/2014
Bonnie H. Avatar
I am seriously terrified of dentists, at least I used to be. Since going to Dr. Goldwyn I no longer am afraid to go to the dentist. I had an infected nerve in my tooth that acted up while I was visiting a friend in Portland. The staff was friendly and worked very hard to find a spot for me. The doctor was not only good, but explained everything that he was doing, so as not to feed my fear. I would recommend them to anyone.
Bonnie H. 12/31/2013
James B. Avatar
I have terrible teeth and have avoided dentists all of my life because I’m pretty embarrassed. I was visiting a close friend up in Portland, and he suggested seeing Dr. Goldwyn. It turns out his office accepts my insurance, so I set up an appointment. At the initial appointment, Dr. Goldwyn and his staff were extremely sensitive to my needs and helped me set up a treatment plan. I’ve subsequently made the trip up to Portland again (I live in Eugene) to get a much needed root canal. Nowadays, I look forward to my trips up to Portland to see the dentist.
James B. 12/31/2013
Jared N. Avatar
Call me crazy but I like going to the dentist; especially after visiting this dental office. "Root canal" isn't a word combination that makes most people comfortable. Dr. Goldwyn & his staff, however, were so kind & understanding, professional & clean. While most offices I've been to feel too cold & clinical, the wonderful people at Portland Periodontics, under Dr. Goldwyn, know what they're doing without making you feel ignorant (as in other offices I've visited). The process was efficient & quick for a root canal; so I hear when I tell my friends about it. Thank you for a great procedure & I will be back for my checkups!
Jared N. 12/31/2013
Robyn Avatar
What brought me here was an extremely difficult extraction. About 9 1/2 years ago I broke a wisdom tooth and suffered with severe nerve pain until the tooth finally “died” about 5 years later. Shortly after, the crown of the tooth broke off and I was left with enormous roots left in my gum. Time passed, and I did nothing about it ( I had put it in the back of my mind—BIG mistake). Then, I noticed that my other teeth were moving, and my gums were becoming exposed as a result, and had severe Periodontal Disease. Yikes! It turned out that I had also needed a Root Canal, as well as a full Peridontal Scaling done, so I opted to have it all done at once. Terrified of dentists, away I went. I was extremely nervous upon arriving, but was soon to find out that I would be left at ease. The atmosphere was extremely clean, pleasant, and friendly, and the staff were rather eager to assist me. The location was convenient for me, as well. The Dental Assistant was caring, kind, and gentle, and very forthcoming to my personal needs. She understood my being nervous, and rather than rushing me through, she took her time, went slow, and explained everything. I’ve had dentist appointments in the past and the last one I had left a rather “bad taste” in my mouth: no pun intended. When the dentist arrived, he was extremely professional, kind, gentle, and patient. I explained to him that I would be a “challenging” case, as my body does not react to Novocain. Not a problem, obviously! I had expected him to talk over my words—doubting them in a way, but instead he listened to what I had to say and took my words seriously, and sought other ways of providing comfort for me while I had these painful procedures done. Soon, the whole process was under way, and I was actually feeling rather confident about having him perform these procedures. He went slow, explaining everything along the way, while asking if I needed to “break.” The whole process took about 2.5-3 hours (which I thought was rather quick, but who knows!) I left there rather confident and well-informed about all that I had done; now Im hoping my teeth will move back to place! I ned for all of you reading this to understand that if there is a poster child for fear of the dentist, its me. I had finally realized I couldn’t put dental care off any longer ( I was actually rather embarrassed upon arriving there, as my teeth are in not-so-good shape) and had expected to be treated that way. This was not the case here! All the Pro’s treated me outstandingly—especially the dentist, and left me feeling good about myself. My plan is to follow up and have all of my specialty dental care done here from now on. I even plan to bring my parents here for their needs as well. I cant say enough about this clinic. A Godsend for sure. Upbeat, professional, kind, caring….what more could you ask for? I never thought I’d say this, but I look forward to future care!
Robyn 12/31/2013
Justin B. Avatar
Let's face it; going to the dentist is definitely not on anyone's top ten list of things we enjoy. Not only nerve- wrecking (literally!), but painful, and not to mention simply scary! However, the staff at Portland Periodontics makes a normally frightening experience smooth and enjoyable. David Goldwyn and his staff are professional and give you that one-on-one experience you need to make it through major procedures. I would recommend giving them a telephone call if you need a periodontist.
Justin B. 12/31/2013
LaToya T. Avatar
I have always hated going to the dentist. I don’t have bad teeth but to me they aren’t the best either. I am also at an age where it seems most everyone my age need to get major dental work done. Unfortunately, I was not missed when the tickets for major dental work were being passed out. I was very impressed with Dr. Goldwyn’s office and his staff. They were easy-going, professional, and pleasant and they made me feel very relaxed. I didn’t feel like the patients in that B-rated horror movie ‘The Dentist’ from the 90’s. I would highly recommend Dr. Goldwyn and his staff.
LaToya T. 12/31/2013
Nicole P. Avatar
I was dreading my visit to Dr. Goldwyn's office, knowing the work I would have done there would be painful. Right from the start, I was put at ease. Being able to see Dr. Goldwyn early in the morning before I needed to be at work was such a relief. He immediately put me at ease. As we reviewed what I needed done, he explained everything in detail and even discovered that I didn't need as much work done as I thought. His review saved me about $1000. I couldn't be happier. He does careful and beautiful work and my teeth look better than ever. Thank you Dr. Goldwyn!
Nicole P. 12/31/2013
Joe K. Avatar
No one really likes going to the dentist, but I found Dr. Goldwyn and his staff to be pleasant, friendly, and professional. Prices and procedures were clearly explained to me, and my implant went well. I'd recommend this doctor without hesitation.
Joe K. 12/31/2013