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“I have been a patient of Portland Periodontics for 5 years. I keep coming back to this office because I love these guys and everyone is nice to me (they laugh at my jokes). I am always treated promptly and everyone knows what’s going on. They are efficient, intelligent, friendly and pleasant. I have been given excellent advice on how to best take care of my teeth, but don’t get scolded if I chose differently. I would highly recommend anyone to this office (and I have) for all the above reasons. It’s a very nice and comfortable place to be.”
-Abby C., Portland

“I have had the great good fortune of being a patient of Dr. Goldwyn’s office for one year. Dr. Goldwyn and his staff are on time, most pleasant, thorough, and extremely competent. I find Dr. Goldwyn’s work to be pain free. He even calls in the evening to see how I am doing after the procedure of that day. It’s just so nice to know there are such caring people with such high standards and work so well together that I feel most fortunate and will recommend Dr. Goldwyn’s office to many.”
-Sharon L., Portland

“I appreciate the friendly and professional staff at Portland Periodontics. They have always made me feel comfortable during my visits and have been very attentive to any current health issues. The excellent treatment I received has helped me keep my teeth longer and to maintain a healthy homecare program. Dr. Goldwyn is very gentle and knowledgeable, and keeps up on all the recent developments in periodontics. He explains things very clearly and even called me at home after the procedure earlier that day.”
-Eugene A., Aloha

“My general dentist recommended Dr. Goldwyn as a great periodontist, and I would have to agree -he’s great! He has a good chair-side manner, gave thorough post-op instructions and was available for questions. The staff was always friendly and accomodating. My smile looks better and all the sensitiviy is gone as well! I’m very happy with the results.”
-Corinn P., Tualatin

“I recommend Dr. Goldwyn without hesitation. I sensed when he was working on my teeth that he was a perfectionist. I suspected he cared more about how the final product would look than I did. It was only after everything was done that I realized just what a difference the work made to my appearance and comfort. I was always warmly welcomed with prompt service and personal attention.”
-Dan F., Portland

“My wife and I did not come to Portland from New York six years ago in search of superb periodontal care, but in retrospect Dr. Goldwyn might have been reason enough to relocate. His work has improved the quality of our lives and made us better looking, too. To risk a pun, we are especially appreciative of the cutting edge techniques he deploys with deft skill as well as his candid assessment of conditions and treatment options. His work is supported at chair-side and out front by an attentive staff obviously proud to be part of such a first-rate office. I can recommend Portland Periodontics without reservation.”
-Edward H., Portland

“I have exceptionally nice things to say about Portland Periodontics, despite the fact that going this sort of specialized dentist is my very least favorite thing. Corrine and Dr. Goldwyn are really outstanding. I come in every 3 months without fail for treatment. My teeth and gums have improved significantly since being in treatment with Portland Periodontics; my gums are measurably improved and none of my teeth have been lost to periodontal disease. The staff are all skilled professionals and are also very kind and understanding about how nerve-wracking a trip to the dentist is for some people (me!). They’ve been good partners in the lifestyle changes that have lead to the overall improvement in my periodontal status.”
-Terri H., Portland

“I am a new patient of Dr. Goldwyn’s. Over the years, like many middle-aged people, I have had many experiences with dentists and dental offices. This experience is a unique one. From the first phone call and visit, through the extraction of my tooth and then the follow-up I have experienced only respect, thoughtful caring and kindness. The healthy relationships between the staff create an atmosphere that is genuinely safe, patient centered and trustworthy. The professionalism is solid without pretentiousness or coldness. And, they do all of this with a wonderful sense of humor! I was impressed with how the staff remembered my name and the particulars of my situation. It was with surprise that I heard the phone message from Dr. Goldwyn checking in after my tooth extraction. It was a moment of an old kind of faith in doctors, the kind of faith we would all wish to have but that many of us have let go of long ago. This is a practice to return to if one needs this kind of care and it is most certainly a practice that I will recommend to others with a very confident heart.”
-Shoshana S., LCSW, Portland

“I have been a patient of Dr. Goldwyn’s since he obtained the practice from Dr. Woodyard in 2004. The courtesy and professionalism of the entire staff at Portland Periodontics helps make me feel comfortable, inspiring my confidence in them and the treatment I receive. As a result of my regular visits, I now have a very healthy mouth. Dr. Goldwyn is very knowledgeable and professional, and stays up to with the very latest procedures and technology. I would definitly recommend Dr. Goldwyn and Portland Periodontics!”
-James C., Portland

“I have been a patient of Portland Periodontics for a number of years. I keep coming back for the quality of service which is very important to me. When you walk in the door, the staff is right there ready to greet you and they do not keep you waiting for your appointment. My personal experience has helped me in the way I take care of my teeth and gums.I feel so much better and healthier, and I highly recommend Portland Periodontics. I am a very happy patient!”
– Kim M., Portland

“From my very first visit to Dr. Goldwyn’s office, I have been treated by him and his staff with warmth, consideration and meticulous high standards of care. By following his care plan after surgery, I have had virtually no pain and minimal swelling. I am currently 2/3 of the way to three new implants and am confidently looking forward to many years of proper mastication and a nicer smile.”
–Mary N., Portland

“I have been visiting the Portland Periodontics Office for eight years and will continue. The service has always been kind, friendly and professionally outstanding. Even though I have a regular dentist, this office is my choice for teeth cleaning. Corinne’s impeccable cleanings have done wonders for me.”
–Fretta C., Portland

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