Sinus and Ridge Augmentations

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Sinus Augmentation

Tooth loss leads to a reduction of bone density and quality, especially in the area of the mouth nearest to the sinus. This lack of bone results in the inability to place dental implants. If there is bone loss in this area due to periodontal disease and/or tooth loss, sinus augmentation will be necessary to regenerate the bone required for the placement of dental implants.

A sinus augmentation is a dental procedure that corrects this problem by development of bone for dental implants through raising the sinus floor. This procedure can help regenerate lost bone and tissue, leading to a natural-looking, beautiful smile.

Ridge Augmentation

After a tooth is lost, the gums and jawbone can develop an indentation where the tooth once was, making it difficult to replace a tooth for a natural look. Ridge augmentation is a procedure required to replace the natural contour of the gum and jaw, leading to the success of placing dental implants and other restorations.

Dr. Goldwyn provides simple ridge augmentation to fill in this indentation through a surgical bone grafting procedure where the empty space is replaced with bone and the gums are sutured. After the area has healed, the result can allow for a replacement tooth that is more natural looking and easy to clean.

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