The Benefits of Dental Implants

dental implants in Portland

Did you know that dental implants in Portland are one of the most popular forms of tooth replacement that Dr. Goldwyn and his team at Portland Periodontics provide? Not only can a missing tooth lead to more complicated dental issues down the road, but it can also impact your overall health. To learn more about…

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Could a Simple Spice be the Key to Treating Periodontitis?

Portland Periodontics

At Portland Periodontics, we work hard to ensure that every patient receives the outstanding care they need to enjoy a healthy smile for a lifetime. When patients come to see Dr. Goldwyn, their oral health is usually facing significant challenges, usually brought on by severe gum disease, also known as periodontitis. Fortunately, as with most…

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Study Finds Gum Disease Linked to RA Risk

periodontal treatment in Portland

Effective periodontal treatment in Portland does more than just repair the damage done to a patient’s smile by gum disease. Treatment from Dr. Goldwyn also works to help lower a patient’s risk for developing the types of systemic health problems linked to gum disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Approximately 1.5 million people…

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Understanding the Basics of Bone Grafts

dental bone grafting in Portland

At Portland Periodontics, Dr. Goldwyn performs treatments like dental bone grafting in Portland that most general dentists do not. Since the majority of our patients come referred to us from their general dentist, many don’t know too much about the types of treatments they will receive. While most people have received a dental cleaning or…

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Researchers Uncover What Links Oral and Overall Health

pocket depth reduction in Portland

If you need to see a periodontist for pocket depth reduction in Portland, there’s a good chance you already know about the dangers gum disease can present to your oral health. You may also know, whether from Dr. Goldwyn or your general dentist, that gum disease can negatively impact your overall health as well. Decades…

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Gum Disease Linked to Hypertension Risk

dental implants cost in Portland

If you’re Googling for what dental implants cost in Portland, then something has gone seriously wrong with your oral health. As we have covered before in our Portland Periodontics blog, gum disease plays a central role in helping to determine the overall health of our bodies. Decades’ worth of research has reinforced the fact that…

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Gum Disease Linked to Kidney Disease in Two Studies

gum disease treatment in Portland

When it comes to gum disease treatment in Portland, our team at Portland Periodontics has the skill and experience needed to improve the long-term health of our patients’ smiles. If you’ve received a referral to see Dr. Goldwyn for treatment, it’s important that you don’t ignore the recommendation of your family dentist. Receiving gum disease…

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What Happens When You Need Periodontal Scaling in Portland

periodontal scaling in Portland

If you require periodontal scaling in Portland, you need a periodontist that has the experience and knowledge necessary to restore your gums back to health. Gum health acts as the foundation quality oral health is built upon. When gum tissue becomes swollen, inflamed, and infected by gum disease, the foundation begins to suffer, and serious…

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