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Pinhole Surgery in Portland

Until recently, periodontal gum grafts were the only gum disease treatment for patients suffering from gum recession. Portland Periodontics is now glad to offer patients a minimally invasive option for restoring receding gums to health: the Pinhole Surgical Technique.

Grafting treatments continue to be effective for treating receding gums, but the surgical movement of healthy gum tissue can be very uncomfortable. The Pinhole Surgical Technique, referred to by some as “the lunchtime gum lift,” presents a less-invasive option. No grafts, no sutures. Great results.

How the Pinhole Technique Works

Advanced gum disease can lead to the development of receding gums. As the tissue begins to pull away from the base of a patient’s teeth, it exposes the delicate roots and bone structure that holds our teeth into position. Once exposed, harmful oral bacteria can slowly erode the base of our teeth until the structures that hold our teeth become so severely damaged that permanent tooth loss occurs.

Pinhole Technique involves slipping a needle into the gum tissue to make a small hole. Next, Dr. Goldwyn can insert specially shaped dental instruments to stretch gum tissue and pull it down toward its original position covering the base of a patient’s teeth. Collagen fibers are then inserted into the gum line to hold the tissue into place while your body naturally begins the reattachment process. That’s it! No surgery!

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The Advantages of Pinhole Surgery

The Pinhole Surgical Technique offers our patients a variety of advantages when compared to traditional periodontal gum grafts and sutures:

Pinhole Gum Surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require incisions or grafts. This means less discomfort and a faster recovery time. No cutting or stitches.

Unlike traditional gum surgery, you can see immediate results after Pinhole Surgery. This technique can restore a patient’s gums to health after just one treatment session. In addition, Dr. Goldwyn can treat multiple areas at once.

Patients typically experience little to no post-operative pain or discomfort after Pinhole Gum Surgery.

Unlike traditional gum surgery, there is minimal swelling or bleeding after Pinhole Surgery.

The recovery time is typically short, with most patients returning to normal activities within a few days.

Pinhole Gum Surgery has been shown to have long-lasting results, with many patients experiencing an improvement in the appearance of their gums for several years.

No surgery or stitches means less time to heal, offering patients full recovery quickly. No stitches or visible marks mean you can start smiling with renewed confidence immediately after completing your treatment.

To maintain the results of Pinhole Gum Surgery, it's essential for patients to maintain good oral hygiene and keep regular dental appointments. This includes brushing and flossing regularly, as well as getting professional cleanings as recommended by the dental professional. It's also vital for patients to avoid smoking and manage any underlying medical conditions that may contribute to the development of receding gums.

A Better Solution for Receding Gums

Pinhole Surgery is a game-changer in periodontal treatment, offering patients a minimally invasive, quick and effective solution for receding gums. With proper care and maintenance, the results of Pinhole Surgery can be long-lasting and help you achieve optimal oral health.

It's important to note that Pinhole Gum Surgery is not suitable for every patient. Your Portland periodontist will determine the best treatment plan after thoroughly examining your teeth, gums and overall health.

Don’t let gum recession ruin your smile and threaten your long-term oral health. Restore your gums to health and get the better-looking smile you’ve wanted with the revolutionary Pinhole Surgical Technique. Contact our office today to see if this remarkable advance in periodontal treatment is right for you.

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