Protecting Your Oral Health

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Dental implant cost in Portland alone should be enough to have patients wanting to take care of their oral health so that their teeth and gums remain strong and resilient now and into the future. After all, while we all grow older, we don’t have to lose our teeth. Our teeth and gums do change we age, but we can all take steps to keep our teeth looking and functioning great well into our golden years.

However, our teeth do face a number of threats that increase along with the number of birthdays that we celebrate. To keep you informed about the threats to your oral health, here are a few problems to keep in mind going forward.

Enamel Loss

Tooth enamel is the hard outer shell that protects the interior of your teeth. Enamel naturally begins to wear down as we age. The loss of enamel makes teeth more prone to sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods and drinks, pain from eating, tooth staining, and other problems.

Acid is the primary cause of enamel thinning. Acid is in the fruit juices, sugars, sports drinks, and carbonated beverages – even the sugar-free varieties – that we consume. Because most of use consume these items regularly, acid ends up dissolving tooth enamel to some extent every day.

To combat acid’s impact on your teeth, you should enjoy these types of beverages in moderation, and use a straw so the liquid bypasses your teeth. Sip these types of drinks only during meals to minimize how often you have them. Finish meals by eating some cheese or drinking a glass of milk to neutralize oral acids, which temporarily soften tooth enamel – that also means it’s a good idea to wait at least an hour after eating to brush your teeth.

When brushing, always use a mouthwash and toothpaste that contains fluoride. Studies have shown that fluoride makes teeth more resistant to oral acids, and that the effects of enamel erosion can be reserved and prevented if teeth are regularly treated with fluoride.

Receding Gums

Gum recession is also a natural part of the aging process. But habits like over-brushing, smoking, and oral health problems like gum disease can make the problem worse.

Brush at least twice a day and floss daily to avoid developing gum disease. To ensure you eliminate bacterial deposits you may have missed while brushing, you may also want to consider adding an oral rinse to your daily oral hygiene routine. Just make sure you choose an alcohol-free brand of mouthwash, as brands that contain alcohol may actually cause more problems than they prevent.

By far, one of the worse habits you can practice when it comes to your oral health is smoking. Smoking contributes to chronic gum infection, which encourages bone and gum loss. When this occurs, teeth begin to shift and move, significantly increasing your risk of permanent tooth loss. If you never want to search for dental implant cost in Portland, then it is imperative that you stop smoking.

Dry Mouth

As we age, the mouth begins to produce less saliva. Many commonly prescribed medications can also have dry mouth as a symptom.

The mouth need saliva. It works to neutralize acid, fight off oral infections, and eliminate the causes of bad breath. If you suffer from dry mouth, try chewing sugar-free gum to help kick-start your into production. Make sure to drink plenty of water as well.

If your dry mouth is severe, make sure to talk with our team at Portland Periodontics for a recommendation on how to correct the problem.