Pocket Depth Reduction

Surrounding bone and gum tissue should fit closely around your teeth, preventing bacteria from collecting and the potential for further decay. However, as periodontal disease progresses, bone decays and gum tissue pulls away from the teeth, causing a condition called “pockets” to form.

These “pockets” only become more pronounced over time, allowing bacteria to develop and causing further discomfort and pain. As these pockets deepen, bacteria begin to accumulate under the gum tissue, resulting in tooth and bone loss through the progression of periodontal disease. Teeth may also need to be extracted due to this condition.

These pockets may become too deep and difficult to clean using traditional dental hygiene at home as well as regular periodontal visits. If this is the case with your smile, Dr. Goldwyn may recommend a Pocket Depth Reduction to halt the progress of periodontal disease.

The Benefits of Pocket Depth Reduction

There are very important benefits to a Pocket Depth Reduction procedure, including the elimination of harmful bacteria that causes tooth and bone loss as well as halting the progression of periodontal disease. Further damage can be prevented, keeping patients from losing their natural teeth, and reducing the chances of developing serious health problems due to periodontal disease.

Once Dr. Goldwyn measures the depths of the pockets, he will discuss your options as well as answer any questions you may have about Pocket Depth Reduction. If pockets are too deep to keep clean using traditional methods, a Pocket Depth Reduction may the best periodontal treatment for you.

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